Thursday, January 6, 2011

you make my heart frustrated

I hate you, but, I love you very much. I tried going to do the best for you, but you! You have other gurlz. even if you talk that you do not have a relationship with him. You lie! I know you love dye, not quite to my gf are you alone hah! I know I'm not perfect kind of him. she is beautiful, sweet, howt. everything he has. I have this ape? ugly, fat, grumpy, not howt. I'm aware of that. i know, you're right nan him sweet couple, right? you and him, Same with bear, sweet la ann, 'to me? nothing. I know the feeling is mutual. now, I'm angry malasn you want to have another couple, scandel to, if I was angry at jugak kan, you still have a relationship with him, my anger is wrong, no I'm not angry rock love you kate. haizzz. fiber head brain knows you do not think the article alone. the story you article you nan kat me he is the bear, you know not, Saket my heart, I think LETS cool. at school I think, is sometimes thought the chapter I'm sick jugak heart, you know the kind of faith I Saket mane? You do not know, I'm not satisfied yela your heart, I'm sorry article amik results change our nick name, i dont like, other people call you BIE! i want i only just call name tuhh at u, it's okea la. I think we use a new nick name laa , our crew and I gume je laa. do you want it right. crew to je laa nan tuhh BIE BABY BABY Azwin tuhh, you have just cople with him, be sweet right. I'm jealous? compem laa, but want to create a kind of mane, we can move at no gune, I write all this does not mean I do not love you, I love you so much funking dam dam !

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